Heating jacket for 1000 liters tanks used in hazardous areas. Approved for ATEX and IECEx Zone I and II. Made of elastomer and silicone coated fiberglass with high density fiberglass insulation. It is equipped with a patented technology with semiconductive carbon membranes that assures safety conditions during various operational phases even in the presence of potentially explosive gases.
Temperatures up to 55 °C can be reached. It is not expected the use of transformers as functioning with normal voltages of alternating current power supply. It's designed to heat IBCs in plastic structure and metal frame, but can also be used to heat 4 drums of 200 lt. To reduce heat losses and improve the heating times can be used an insulated cover.


Power: 2300 kW

Voltage: 230 V

Current: 9,5 A

Tank temperature: up to 55°C

Protection: IP40, ATEX Zone I and II



Length: 4300 mm

Height: 950 mm

Weight: 20 kg

Material: elastomer and silicone coated fiberglass with high density fiberglass insulation

Option: insulated cover

Without regulation thermostat

All heating jackets for IBC containers are manufactured in accordance with EC Directives. It is recommended not to put or keep in operation the heating jackets during the filling, refilling or tank emptying. It is also recommended not to keep the power cable plugged in during the movement of the heating jackets. In order to prevent spills of substances due to rise in their temperature it is recommended not to fill to the brim the IBC and to work always in a well ventilated area.
Specially created for IBC containers in plastic. Designed to heat from the outside, avoiding contact with the substances contained inside the IBC container. It does not contaminate nor burn the substances in the IBC. 
The heating jacket dual circuit allows to regulate the heating efficiently when the level of the substance in the IBC container decreases. 
Our heating jackets comply with EC standards.