These units are used in heat transfer processes. Complete with instrumentation, valves, pumps and exchangers. When requested, they can be supplied with electrical control panels with P.I.D. controllers and S.C.R. units. Specially designed to meet process requirements. Also available in II2G EEx-d IIC (ATEX) version. Skids are completely custom products, manufactured for specific heating needs.

Working voltage: 110 – 690 Volts.
Power output: 10 - 3000 kW with temperature up to
800 °C.

Main Options Available:
- Electric Process Heater (Exchanger or Duct Heater)
- Valves
- Pump
- Temperature and pressure measurement
- Control Panels
- Heavy Frame structure
- Pre-wired “Turn key solution”
- Over temperature and over pressure cut-out system
- Start up and commissioning are available

Certifications: ATEX, IP 66, PED, ASME U



- Fuel Gas
- Natural Gas
- Nitrogen
- Hydrogen
- Fuel Oil
- Water
- Hydrocarbons
- Crude Oil
- Steam