Side heater for 200 L drums

PRICE: € 300 ready in stock

AMARC silicone rubber side heaters are an ideal solution for heating the substances contained in metal drums: soaps, greases, various foodstuffs, varnishes and various chemical products in order to facilitate their transfer and pumping.
All our side heaters are marked with identification and batch numbers for their traceability. They are resistant to moisture and chemicals.

Health and Safety

All silicone side drum heaters are manufactured in accordance with EC directives. Do not start up or keep the side heaters in operation during filling, refilling or emptying of the drum. Also do not keep the power cable plugged in while handling the drum. In order to prevent spilling of substances due to the increase in their temperature, avoid filling the drums to the brim and always work in a well ventilated area.

Product advantages

Specially created for standard 200 L metal drums.
Designed to heat from the outside, avoiding contact with the substance contained in the drum.
Does not contaminate or burn the substance contained in the drum.
Made of high quality extremely resistant silicone.
Our heating jackets comply with EC standards.

Technical data

Power: 1500 W
Power supply: 230 V
Current: 6,5 A
Maximum temperature: 0°C - 120°C
Regulation: thermostat adjustable from 20°C to 120°C
Protection: IP 55
Length: 1665 mm
Height: 180 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Material: silicone rubber band with double insulation and practical spring fastening
Power cable: 2 m