Cast-In Heaters

Extensive know–how developed in the field of heating for industrial processes enables AMARC© to offer cutting-edge solutions for designing and manufacturing cast-in heating plates based on the customer’s technical specifications. Used by industries such as: packaging and wrapping, thermoforming and flow–packing, the plates comprise one or more armoured heating elements embedded in aluminium, bronze or other alloys.


Research into the geometry of the heating element

Studying the geometry of the heating element, instrumental to achieving a functional process, ensures that a uniform temperature is obtained over the entire surface, with up to ±3°C precision and temperatures of up to +400°C

Production process

The presswork process ensures excellent homogeneity of the material, high thermal conductivity and optimum heat transfer performance of the contact surface.


  • Fully customizable dimensions and mating surfaces
  • Minimum thickness 20 mm
  • Operating voltage up to 500V with variable power ratings
  • Coating of contact areas applied by procedures for: non-stick, smoothness, anti-abrasion surface finishes.



Heating plates for flow-packing
  • Materials: aluminium, bronze|aluminium
  • Voltage: V110 | 230
  • Power rating: W150|450
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Heating plate for hot-pressing and moulding plastic material
  • Materials: aluminium
  • Voltage: V230 | 500
  • Power rating: W2000|10000
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Heating plate for sealing and closing food trays
  • Materials: aluminium
  • Voltage: V230 | 500
  • Power rating: W2000|10000
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Special heating plate for all packaging requirements
  • Materials: aluminium, bronze|aluminium
  • Voltage: on request
  • Power rating: on request
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The benefits of amarc electric plates

  • The casting processes in the AMARC© foundries are constantly monitored and improved
  • Machining on modern CNC milling centers guarantees high quality castings
  • AMARC© cast-in heating plates combine long-life, reliability, efficiency and safety characteristics that are far superior to any other alternative technology
  • AMARC© cast-in heating plates are guaranteed for up to three years

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