Cast-in Heaters

The sheathed heatings elements provide a more uniform surface temperature, better efficiency, longer life and greater safety than those of any other system. When cast in aluminium or bronze, in addition to their mechanical characteristics they acquire additional properties of excellent thermal exchange rates and uniformity of heating, making them ideal for the packaging machinery sector.

Cast Aluminium Heaters

AMARC cast aluminium heaters are tubular heaters submerged in aluminium, aluminium bronze, shaped and machined on customer request.

AMARC heaters are widely used in packaging application; thermoforming machinery, sealer, flow pack line.

AMARC cast in heaters are shaped and worked with CNC machinery according to customers’ drawings.

AMARC cast in heaters are chosen by top leaders in the market as they can reach highest temperatures together with an high heat temperature uniformity.

Thanks to its consolidate experiencein the field, AMARC fully supports its customers in trials.



from 110 to 700 Volt.

Operating Temperature:
up to 350 °C for cast-in aluminum heaters, up to 600 °C for copper cast-in heaters.

Junction Boxes protection:
IP55, IP65.


  • Packaging and sealing machinery
  • Thermoforming machines
  • Flow-pack machinery

The advantages of AMARC electric cast:

Mix more than any other heating system; longlasting life, reliability, efficiency and safety

They do integrate over the mechanical aspect, an excellent heat exchange rate together with a precise heat uniformity

They may reach temperature of above 300°C and can be connected with Ip protection rate IP55/IP65

AMARC high flexibility allows fast deliveries