AMARC Services

AMARC is a strongly “Customer Oriented” Company.
The service activities provided to our customers have always been extremely important.
The Team AMARC is always willing to promptly satisfy any need, from request for estimate to after-sales assistance.
This is why we offer a large range of services, to assist and simplify the work of our Customers.

Pre-Sales Service

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On site visit

By means of AMARC technicians or our agents and distributors, both in Italy and in Europe, we visit the installation site directly in order to:

  • inspect the site where the oven or heating cabinet is to be installed
  • examine the specifications of project
  • understand the objectives and expectations of the customer
  • identify the solution suitable for the scope of the project.

Hire Service

For customers who need a machine to carry out internal tests or for productions limited in time, AMARC offers rental contracts valid from a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months.
At the end of the contract, the customer has the chance to return the machine, purchase it or buy a new machine, deducting the amount incurred for the rental service from the price.

Free Loan Service

For customers who need to start the production process urgently, AMARC provides a service with high added value, i.e. free loan of an oven until the purchased machine is delivered.

Heating Test

AMARC conducts heating tests on its customers’ products, according to a defined protocol, using temperature measuring instruments calibrated in certified laboratories.
The heating tests can be used to evaluate:
the heating curves of the material (even when there is a change in the phase the time useful for the material to reach the desired conditions (such as temperature and viscosity) under different operating conditions the organoleptic features of the material can also be assessed throughout the duration of the test (if the conditions exist).

FAT, Logistics and Start Up

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FAT Factory Acceptance test

For customers who request it, AMARC performs the acceptance test before shipment.
The FAT is performed according to the AMARC protocol or through the customer protocol, according to the conditions stipulated in the sales contract.


AMARC offers its customers complete assistance for all logistics operations subsequent to the preparation of the machine.


All the machines are shipped in packaging suitable for transport by truck.
AMARC offers special packaging for transport by sea with wooden crate and barrier bag.


AMARC offers and organises transport services in Italy and abroad.
By using the services of tried and test professional and reliable Companies, AMARC relieves its customers of the burden of finding and managing the service. In fact, the dimensions and weights of heating cabinets are a critical issue for transport and often require the means of transport that is not easy to find.

Unloading and positioning operations

AMARC provides “all inclusive” service including transportation, unloading and positioning carried out by means of a special transport vehicle equipped with crane and handling devices suitable for the purpose.
Unloading operations and positioning of the machine, which must normally be carried out using a crane, require highly specialised personnel owing to the criticality of the operation.

Start up and Training

Upon request, AMARC provides the service for starting up the machine in order to check its correct installation and operation, after it has been positioned and connected to the utilities. To complete this service, AMARC technicians will provide training for the operators who will be in charge of using the machine, instructing them in the best practices for using the machine and knowledge regarding its safety devices.

After-Sales Services

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Complimentary phone support

AMARC offers free telephone support by means of highly qualified personnel specialised in understanding the customers’ problems. This type of support is often able to solve the problem immediately, if this depends on problems related to the machine settings, significantly reducing the lead time for restoring the operational efficiency.

"On Call" support

Specialist AMARC technicians are ready to act directly and rapidly “on site” at the customer’s facility, both in Italy and abroad, in case of a fault or a machine stop that cannot be solved by phone support.
Our goal is to cut down machine downtime and customers’ problems as far as possible.

Preventive Maintenance Contract

AMARC offers a preventive maintenance contract to all customers who buy a new machine. This service significantly reduces the possibility of fault or degradation of machine operation, keeping it in condition to operate under the established conditions.
By signing a maintenance contract, a 20% discount will be applied on any spare parts that may be needed for the machine.
Moreover, the warranty period will be extended from 3 to 5 years for contracts signed before the end of the first year of warranty of the new machine, provided the maintenance contract is signed and renewed for all three years of machine warranty.

Extraordinary Maintenance and Revamping

AMARC assists its customers in extraordinary operations such as:

  • Adaptation of the machinery to standards
  • Switching the heat source of the cabinet from one system to another, e.g. from electric to steam
  • Revamping of mechanical parts or complete replacement of doors, grids, bumper bars, etc.
  • Adapting the machinery for indoor/outdoor installation
  • Restoring the paint, or application of special painting cycles

Safety training

Safety training is an ongoing process at AMARC. All staff undergo continuous training to be constantly updated. In particular, all AMARC technicians responsible for service and assistance operations receive specific training, such as, to enable operations at a height and/or operations on live electrical equipment.

Original Spare Parts supply

AMARC has its own spare parts warehouse with a large assortment of components available for heating cabinets and standard ovens as well as part of the custom components.
Our logistics can process orders for spare parts rapidly, providing the customer a high-quality service in very short times.
When purchasing the machine, the customer can request the “spare parts list” with price blocked for two years.