EN1539 Ovens
for Solvents

For thermal processes in which solvents or other inflammable substances are released

AMARC designs and builds ovens able to ensure the maximum degree of safety in thermal processes where solvents or other inflammable substances are dried and cured.

Regulatory framework

Potentially explosive gases and vapours are generated during the drying, evaporation and curing processes in which products containing solvents are treated. The ovens used for these processes must conform to standard EN1539:2015.

Application of this standard enables the maximum quantities of solvent in the oven to be defined as well as the required safety levels, depending on the temperature, type of solvent, thermal cycle, quantity of product and size of the oven.

However, heating processes during which solvents are emitted are not limited to those mentioned by standard EN1539:2015 and very often, the quantities of solvent present exceed those in the thermal processes.

For this reason, AMARC produces specifically designed forced ventilation ovens to suit the customers’ process requirements by applying standard EN1539:2015, directive ATEX 2014/34/UE and by studying the emissions and classification areas in accordance with EN60079-10-1:2015.


Oven design is developed from research into the customer’s specific process.

AMARC relies on the expertise of out-sourced analysis laboratories whenever it is necessary to assess the chemical/physical characteristics of the product during the heating stage for the purpose of optimizing the process and dedicated oven design.

This ensures that the oven is created and therefore optimized both as to thermal performance and safety features.


The safety systems and components are made in accordance with the ranges established by standard EN1539:2015.

Each oven is always provided with a system for exhausting “dirty” air and replenishing with clean air, featuring a double flow rate calculated to suit the process.

Oven control includes a PLC for the process and a PLC Safety to manage the safety chains.


The ovens operate in batch cycles, which include:

1. Loading stage

2. Prewash stage in accordance with EN 1539

3. Heating phase during which the target temperature is reached

4. Temperature maintenance stage

5. Cooling stage

6. Emptying stage


A custom-built product

Similarly to every AMARC product, there are plenty of opportunities for customizing, ranging from the choice of materials to the structure of the base, door control, number of adjusting areas…

The oven is also pre-engineered for integration into a production system according to Industry 4.0 logic and standards.


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