What we do

AMARC activities:

The Information Process

From analysis of the Request to detail of the project

The definition of an AMARC product is the result of the union of the customer’s needs and objectives with the experience gained by AMARC over the years and the thousands of projects developed.
The primary objective of the beginning of each project is to satisfy the customer’s requirements by finding the best solution in terms of costs and benefits.
To do so we are ready to include a deviation from the production standard or to proceed with a completely customised solution.

The design process consists of the following phases:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Mechanical design and thermo-fluid dynamics
  • Risk analysis and identification of suitable safety devices
  • Design of the operating logic
  • Adherence to regulatory framework

The Production Process

From the Design details to shipment

The production flow follows and puts into effect the information flow.
From the choice of materials to that of components, all the phases of the production flow are subjected to quality controls and aimed at ensuring the standards expected by our customers.
All the machines are subjected to stringent test protocols before being shipped.

Lean Transformation

The desire and ambition for ongoing improvement compelled AMARC to start a process of transformation of their company processes since the end of 2017 according to the Lean point of view. The final objective is to transform the Demand, Development, Delivery and Deployment processes to the Lean philosophy. The Lean philosophy was accepted enthusiastically by all those working at AMARC.

The fundamental concept is to create value by using a scientific method in the application of special operating techniques and tools. Principles such as the value for the customer, the creation of value by means of three main flows (operating flow, information flow, workflow), elimination of wastes, connection to the demand, ongoing improvement, the involvement of all the components of the organisation, the orientation of the organisation to the strategic system are thus transferred to the Company fabric.

Research & Development

Special attention is aimed at research and development of the product, in all its components, from software for control and management of machines to optimisation and efficiency of the thermal processes of our machines.

AMARC stably collaborates with university researchers who are entrusted with the study of technical improvement or development of new technologies.