The customer’s engineering team presented a technical specification for the supply of 3 custom heating cabinets for 16 drums, to be installed at their facility.

Amarc implemented all the specifications winning the contract to realise the project.

3 cabinets were constructed for 16 drums with roller shutter doors all installed in the same space back to back with doors opening outwards.

For this reason two cabinets have a single front rolling shutter door and one cabinet has two lateral rolling shutter doors, to complete the “Mosaic”.

Each cabinet is equipped with:

  • Tank with inclined surface and drainage
  • Feet
  • AISI 304 stainless steel interior (including the rolling shutter doors)
  • Control panel for process + blind panel dedicated oly to automation of the rolling shutter doors
  • After accompanying the customer in the design phase and technical training, amarc handled the testing and training at the factory and transport.

Technical data

Thermoregulation areas: 1
Doors: 2 units with single door with front rolling shutter; 1 unit with 2 doors with side rolling shutter
Base: Structure made of tubular elements with feet and built-in tank collection tank with inclined bottom and flanged connection for draining spills
Finish: AISI304 stainless steel interior, carbon steel exterior painted RAL 7035 with standard cycle, with sealing for outdoor installation
Operation: Electric
Nominal operating temperature: Ambient temperature +5°c to +80℃
Control panel (Process + Logic): Electric panel for process control + blind panel for control of automatic doors + PB panels on board the machine for opening/closing doors. Enclosures for control panels and on board machine designed for outdoor installation
Installation site : Outdoor with roof included in the supply
Explosion-proof protection (ATEX): Not necessary. Cabinet interior and exterior not classified