Preheating & Melting

The various thermal processes include preheating which makes it possible to give the material the temperature and thereby the thermal-physical features concerned. Preheating is useful for the thermoforming process (Thermoforming is a hot moulding technique, in vacuum or under pressure, of plastic material starting from slabs or film), rather than by the blending process.

Preheating involves more or less prolonged exposure of the material to heat, so that it reaches the required temperature. The preheating process often allows a thermal cycle with a number of temperature increases and different standing times: the temperature increase speed, the temperature of the intermediate and final steps, and the duration of the standing times depend on the physical and geometric features of the object to be treated and the need for preheating.
At other times, it is necessary to heat the product to bring it from the solid phase to the liquid phase, to typically give it a certain viscosity necessary for advancement of the production process.

AMARC produces ovens and heating cabinets useful for preheating and melting.

The AMARC ovens for preheating can be customised in terms of material to be treated, dimensions, operating temperatures, thermal cycles and ventilation. The ovens also have provision for digital programming to control temperatures, humidity, and, in general, the conditions inside the oven chamber (possibility of programming thermal cycles at different stages, with the possibility of setting the increase speed at each stage [°C/min], the different temperatures to be reached [°C], the holding time of the individual stages [min], the automatic switching on of the ventilation and the beginning of heating, programming of the switching off temperature). The control system helps check to ensure that the process takes place inside the cabinet as predefined, so as to obtain the best product quality. The oven can be connected to the factory’s systems, with real time control and management of the process and warning signs in case of faults.

AMARC produces heating cabinets for materials contained in drums or containers, such as tar, resins, greases, oils and other substances which have to be maintained at constant temperature or heated to change their viscosity before use.
AMARC heating cabinets ensure a uniform distribution of the temperature, an adjustable distribution of the speed of the heating fluid, and a filling capacity of standard models up to 48 drums with 200 L capacity, or 12 containers with capacity 1000 L (the capacity can be increased for custom versions). The solid structure made of steel and insulating panels makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.