Stabilisation - Stress Relief - Curing

The stabilisation treatment makes it possible to provide and maintain a desired constant, invariable and permanent condition of the material without considerable variations or oscillations of the parameters involved.

The stabilisation concerns several industrial sectors, such as the manufacturing and food sector, and the process to be carried out varies according to the objects to be treated and their features.

AMARC produces stabilisation ovens that cover various industrial requirements, the common denominator of which is to produce the desired climatic conditions, by appropriately changing the temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting within a surrounding environment.

For metallic parts, AMARC produces ovens useful for the thermal treatment for stress relief, tempering and stabilisation, processes aimed reducing or eliminating internal and residual stresses of different types of products, typically deriving from hot and cold machining processes, metal structural works, hardening treatments and mechanical processes, without significantly degrading the mechanical features of the material. It is thus possible to ensure dimensional stability, machinability using machine tool, good structural uniformity of metallic parts or obtain a compromise between the resistance and toughness suitable for the conditions of use of the material. AMARC ovens are designed according to the metal to be treated and dimensions of the components. It is also possible to carry out treatments in running inert atmosphere, in order to avoid the formation of rusts.

The AMARC ovens make it possible to set thermal cycles, variables involved and distinct steps (such as heating, stay time, and cooling, which differ typically according to the temperature and duration conditions.)