AMARC handled the design, construction, exceptional transport (for height), unloading, positioning and start up of the machine

Technical data

Thermoregulation areas: 1
Working dimensions WxDxH in mm: 1700 x 1600 x 3200
Installation site : Indoor
Heating power supply: Electric
Nominal operating temperature: Up to +150°C
Temperature accuracy: +/- 3°C
Doors: 1 double leaf door
Base: The oven is provided with slots for fixing to the floor by means of chemical fischer anchor bolts. There is no bottom, rails are provided at the bottom to allow entry of manual trolleys for loading goods
Finish: Chamber interior made of galvanised steel, exterior made ofcarbon steel RAL 5010 painted with standard cycle
Control panel (Process + Logic): Watertight panel installed on board the machine with process control in pid mode
Optional: 5.7" touch screen recorder programmer for control of work cycles and recording temperatures.
The instrument also controls and monitors 3 “part probes” PT100 fitted inside the oven to check the product temperature