The oven in question is designed to satisfy the needs for thermal treatment of a cosmetics production chain.

It is therefore made of AISI304 stainless steel to make cleaning easier.

To allow operating versatility for the customer, two independent temperature regulation areas have been created to make it possible for the customer to simultaneously handle products that get heated using drying processes at different temperatures.

Of special importance, in the economy of the process of drying of baked materials, the design of the moisture removal system essential for the efficacy and efficiency of the process.

Technical data

Thermoregulation areas (Oven 1,2): 2
Working dimensions WxDxH in mm: 2100 x 1450 x 2100
Installation site : Indoor
Heating power supply: Electric
Nominal operating temperature: Up to +150°C
Temperature accuracy: +/- 2°C
Doors: 1 a single leaf door for each zone
Base: The oven is provided with a base made of 0.3 mm thick AISI304 stainless steel metal plate to make loading easier
Finish: The entire oven is made of AISI304 stainless steel for installation in a cosmetics production facility
Control panel (Process + Logic): Watertight panel installed on board the machine with process control in PID mode
Optional: 5.7" touch screen recorder programmer for control of work cycles and recording temperatures.
Made of AISI304 stainless steel.
Moisture removal system for each regulation area, consisting of extraction fan units, scrubber battery, humidity sensor.