The design of the study of 1 heating cabinet for 16 drums, consisting of 2 units of 8 horizontal drums/containers installed one on top of the other was based on the 2.05m high entrance door to the customer’s factory.

For the construction and consequent assembly of this special project, the unit at the lower level was provided with a structure consisting of heb beams along the lateral and upper perimeter to support and bolt the unit to the second level.

The roof of the upper unit was made of a structure suitable for the positioning by using a forklift truck.

The two units were provided with atex junction box on board the machine and wired to an airtight panel then installed outside the classified zone.

After accompanying the customer in the design phase and technical training, amarc handled the transport, unloading, mechanical and electrical assembly, start-up and training.

Technical data

Thermoregulation areas: 2
Doors: Nr.4 (nr.2 per unit) single leaf
Base: Bottom made of 3mm thick sheet metal for lower unit, structure with a HEB 120 beams for support for upper unit
Finish: Galvanised steel interior, exterior carbon steel painted in RAL 7035 with standard cycle
Operation: Electric
Nominal operating temperature: Ambient temperature +5°C to +100°C
Control panel (Process + Logic): 1 control panel per 2 units, wall-mounted in non classified zone (2m from the machine), wired to the cabinet by means of a junction box
Installation site : Indoor
Explosion-proof protection (ATEX): Drum heating cabinet installed in ATEX II 2G IIB T3