Heating cabinet designed for the following purposes of the process:

  • Heat the product contained in ibc containers to the required temperature to make it liquid
  • Transfer the liquified product safely by connecting the ibc container by means of a pipe sealed airtight to a container placed on the ground through an opening provided on the door

…And with the following safety requirements, therefore, in addition to a construction suitable for the atex zone, the following were installed:

  • Interlocked doors to the extraction system at the end of the cycle-work
  • An internal safety rope attached to a microswitch is applied for opening doors from inside against possible risk of entrapment
  • Installation of gas detector with alarm threshold at 20% of lel which acts by switching off the heating and operating the extraction fan to dilute the contents inside the cabinet.

Technical data

Thermoregulation areas: 1 single leaf door
Base: Structure made of tubular elements to support the heating cabinet designed for installation in the area underneath the containers for filling material
Finish: Galvanised steel interior, exterior carbon steel painted in RAL 7035 with standard cycle
Operation: Hot water
Nominal operating temperature: Ambient temperature +5°C to 50°C, with hot water inlet at +75°C
Control panel (Process + Logic): 1 control panel for heating cabinet, wall-mounted in non classified zone 10 m from the machine, wired to the cabinet by means of a junction box. ATEX control pb panel to be remote controlled on board the machine
Installation site : Indoor
Explosion-proof protection (ATEX): Drum heating cabinet installed in ATEX II 2G IIB T4